What Makes Working with Aplus Executive Search Different?
It's a truism, but executive recruiting is about people. It's not about technology. It's not about locations. It's not about size. What counts is the recruiter you work with. At Aplus, clients work directly with Louise Berto. She won't take the call and then hand off the search to a junior associate.

Louise works closely with hiring managers and human resource professionals to fully understand their needs. She then develops targeted sourcing strategies that carefully match quality candidates with positions. She serves as a consultant and resource to the hiring manager and candidate at all stages of the search, including defining the position and candidate specifications, managing the interview process, negotiating and presenting offers, and checking references. Louise provides personal attention and follow-up from start to finish for clients and candidates. Clients appreciate her thorough attention to detail and follow through. Candidates welcome the assistance she provides in search strategies, and resume content and design.

Here’s what clients say about working with Louise:
• She is an accomplished, effective recruiter. She really works hard. She makes me feel as if I'm her only client.
• Great ethics. I always feel she plays it straight with me even though it might not be to her immediate advantage.
• She listens to what I ask for and that's what she gives me.
• Working with Louise is like working with an internal recruiter. She becomes part of my staff.
• Louise took the time to understand my company and the type of people that will be the most successful here. She came to my office to speak with me in person when I gave her an assignment.
• She is very selective in the candidates she presents. She doesn't give me irrelevant resumes. That saves me time.
• She thoroughly screens candidates before I speak with them. I can't say that about other recruiters I've worked with.
• She's like a consultant to me when it comes to hiring related issues such as company structure, reporting relationships, and compensation.
• She knows recruiting is about relationships. She takes the time to build them.
• Spend five minutes with Louise and you sense that she really, really cares about what she does.
• I really like Louise. She's a lot of fun to work with. Intense, but fun.

Here’s what candidates say about working with Louise:

• Louise really cared about me as an individual. Other recruiters treated me like a commodity, someone to be pushed through their system. She took the time to get an understanding of not only what I've done but also what I'm capable of doing.
• I was thoroughly interviewed. She asks good questions, and she listened to my answers. She gave me a good feel for the company and the position.
• She's been around for a while. I felt that I was building a relationship with her that would last throughout my career.